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AZKA International Journal Of Zakat & Social Finance (AZJAF) is an open-access e-journal published by the Akademi Zakat (AZKA). AZJAF is a type of scientific journal in zakat and social finance studies. By involving a large research community in an innovative peer-review process, AZJAF aims to provide fast access to high-quality papers and a continual platform for sharing studies of academicians, researchers, and practitioners; disseminate knowledge and research in zakat studies and Islamic philanthropy; bridge the gap between theory and practice in the zakat and Islamic philanthropy issues. AZJAF publishes fully open access journals to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge, which means that all articles are available on the internet to all users immediately upon publication. Non-commercial use and distribution in any medium are permitted, provided the author and the journal are properly credited.

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AZJAF Vol.4 No.2 (Special Issue 2023)
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AZKA International Journal of Zakat & Social Finance (AZJAF) Vol. 4 No. 2 (Special Issue 2023) is a publication of collaboration in conjunction with the 10th ASEAN International Conference on Islamic Finance (AICIF) 2022, organised by the IIUM Institute of Islamic Banking and Finance (IIiBF), held on 6th - 8th December 2022 at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Published: 2023-08-02
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