The Role Of Generation Z Through Online Platform in Optimizing of Zakat Literacy and Fundraising


  • Farah Arum Firdaus Airlangga University
  • Irham Zaki Universitas Airlangga
  • Sri Herianingrum Universitas Airlangga



fundraising, generation z, online platform, zakat


Currently, the majority of Indonesia's population is dominated by Generation Z and Millennials. The presence of the Millennial Generation and Generation Z, can be an opportunity in collecting zakat in the midst of the demographic bonus. Although generation z is said to have not been able to provide assistance with a large nominal directly to the community, they can provide new creative ideas and can change people's perspectives in terms of Islamic philanthropy, especially zakat. The purpose of this study is to analyze zakat collection strategies, especially those carried out digitally by the zakat institution like Lazismu Jawa Timur and also to provide solutions to optimize zakat collection by utilizing an online platform. The use of the online platform owned by Lazismu Jawa Timur is very important to use, both websites for digital payments and social media, considering that the use of online platforms facilitates efficiency in collection and provides donors regarding matters literacy of zakat in published content in order to attract public interest to donate. This study uses qualitative research methods that are descriptive analytical case studies. The results of this study indicate that the role of generation z can support digitalization in literacy regarding zakat on social media for zakat institutions.


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Firdaus, F. A., Zaki, I., & Herianingrum, S. (2023). The Role Of Generation Z Through Online Platform in Optimizing of Zakat Literacy and Fundraising. AZKA International Journal of Zakat & Social Finance, 4(1), 13-22.



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